On the other hand, the heart shaped ones are delicious and look great. As such, one can buy a non-edible square watermelon for nearly $100 from posh upscale supermarkets and use it as decoration or gifts that could last up to a year or more.". They were not only expensive, about a $100 each bit they were not edible. But for how cool they cool, they actually don’t taste as nice. Incidence of Kidney Stones, coffee shown to reduce risk of heart disease in women, Collagen Promoting Enzyme may Help Prevent Stroke and Heart Attack, colorectal cancer on the rise in young adults, consumers willing to pay for genetic testing, cough syrup ingredient for prostate cancer prevention, Data Shows Sale of Targeted Cancer Drugs Totaled $17.3 billion in 2007, diabetes treatment cost will triple by 2034, dietary cocktail from McMaster University, Disease Prevention- Know Your Family’s Health History, disparities in depression treatment found in minorities, Don’t be Duped by Food in Small Packages – Study Shows You’ll Eat More, Dr. Paul Sherman studies allergies and link to lower rates of cancer, early diagnosis of celiac disease can save money, Eating Fish May Prevent Brain Abnormalities in Elders, economy fears cause Americans to lose sleep, Effects of Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Cerebral Blood Flow on Cognitive Outcomes in Older Women, epidemic levels of lead poisoning seen in US children, exercise campaigns may lead to more eating, exercise guidelines for neck and back pain, exercise may not help anxiety and depression, exercise not often prescribed for chronic neck and back pain, exercise promoting campaigns may have opposite effect, experimental drug reverses muscle loss in seniors, experts say new antibioticis ugently needed, FDA Looking at 20 Drugs for New Adverse Events, FDA warns against dangers of topical numbing agents, fish in the diet reduces eczema in children, free birth control. Listening to music composed by Mozart could help control seizures. If you liked this story, like & follow us on Facebook for more. How to Grow Easy Square Watermelons. There are currently an estimated 14 million refugees worldwide. If they aren't ripe then wait until their ripe, Water melons do not ripen after picking...If you pick them un ripen they stay that way...They are not Bananas...SO many ignorant comments on here...Oh and square water melons taste like shit, "but when you mess with mother nature to make a cubed or heart shaped watermelon you lost taste. In Najarian's opinion that makes square watermelons pretty useless, despite the fact that they're produced to make them easier to store.. It’s not uncommon for these unusually shaped watermelons to be sold for around $100 apiece, much more than what a regular watermelon of the same variety would fetch. A city noted for its production of ornamental square watermelons began this year's shipments Wednesday. You can cut a regular watermelon into a square or heart, There's no question that we can learn, but can we translate our learning into action?