Initially developed for tactical applications, the .300 BLK cartridge has also proven itself as both a self-defense and hunting cartridge. The 308 Winchester is a full powered rifle round that was designed in 1952. Caliber: .300 AAC Blackout. Contact Us; My Account; Cart (0) Firearms; Ammunition; Accessories; Law Enforcement; Reloading; Archery; Hunting; Knives & Tools; Rebates; Sale; Search. As the AR-platform guns have grown in popularity, various shooters have asked for different cartridges designed to give the AR-15 a different level of performance than the standard 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. The Gen-III’s upper and lower receiver has been precision machined from 7075-T6 billets for uncompromising durability. One of the most notable features is perhaps the piston system which makes cleaning much more pleasant. Each SIG Virtus is designed to ensure a flawless and reliable operation thanks to the gas-piston semi-automatic action. Find in-stock .300 AAC Blackout ammunition and sort by price, brand, seller, review and more. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Over time, a 300 Blackout is becoming an affordable round and Hornady introduces the American Gunner line of ammunition that hits well under a dollar a round. ... POLYCOATED 300 AAC BLACKOUT FULL METAL JACKET AMMO. Created to outperform even SIG Sauer’s expectations, the SIG Sauer MCX Virtus Patrol FDE is built to provide a reliable long term service, whether professional or not. $12.95 $ 12. If you are looking to get into hunting, the .300 BLK is offered in many great packages such as the Remington 700 bolt action and almost every AR-15 manufacturer. Exacta. A good bullet at the lighter .30-caliber weights (110-130gr) will open up and expand at modest .300 AAC speeds and get the job done. Bolt action rifles are known for being more accurate than the semi-auto rifles, and the Ruger American Ranch Rifle definitely lives up to the accuracy expectations of a bolt action rifle, and sits pretty high on top. This ammo reaches a maximum velocity of 2,175 feet per second and muzzle energy of 1,313 ft.-lbs.With affordable .300 Blackout American Gunner ammunition, every shooter gets an all-around versatile cartridge and fun shooting experience. Unfortunately, the Wilson Combat Ranger AR 15 only ships with one 20-round magazine. Built with the relentless innovation and classic American craftsmanship the Noveske’s Gen III N4 Recon Center Rifle comes with the level of power, speed, and accuracy that would dominate the shooting range and impress all your shooting buddies. This Sig load with 125-grain Open Tip Match (OTM) projectiles generates muzzle velocity of 2,200 fps with a muzzle energy of 1,343 ft-lbs to provide superior accuracy, flat trajectory, and consistent point of impact.SIG uses match-grade brass cases and noncorrosive powders and primers to ensure reliable ignition and minimum velocity variations.Although the SIG Sauer manufacturing plant in New England applies high standards in production and monitoring, you may encounter occasional inconsistencies from batch to batch.Bottom LineLoaded with 125-Gr Sierra MatchKing bullet, the SIG Sauer Elite Performance 300 AAC Blackout is impressive ammunition made from the ground up to be a reliable, accurate, tactical, target, and competition cartridge. When you say, “Barrett,” most people think of their long-range .50-caliber BMG rifles, but the Tennessee-based company also cranks out a variety of popular AR platforms, with their high-quality direct-impingement REC7 DI models being front and center.. Premium American-made bolt action hunting rifles. The Boxer-primed case is loaded with a 150-grain FMJ cannelured bullets with a muzzle velocity of 1,900 fps and muzzle energy of 1,203 ft/lbs., making it a decent downrange performer.Aguila Ammunition has positioned itself in the ammo industry as descent manufacturer of cost-effective, quality ammunition for recreational, hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications.However, their products require more extensive quality control processes as you may come across minor issues with inconsistencies and off-center flash holes on cases that make them not reloadable.Bottom LineWhile this Aguila150-grainer belongs to the mid-offer in .300BLK caliber, it is a compromise of two purposes. 3. As the name implies, the trigger allows the shooter to adjust the pull weight from three to five pounds.The stock is colored Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and can be ordered in two sizes, but it is a bit flimsy and comes without an integral comb riser. Aside from the rifle itself, you will be getting the Magpul MBUS Pro folding sights and one magazine, a pretty complete set. If you have decided to go 300Blk road, you already know about the extraordinary large span of bullet weights and types. The beauty of the 300 AAC Blackout round is that it’s so perfectly designed to run quiet in a suppressed rifle. What You Get With The M&P15 In .300 Blackout: Bolt and carrier are mil-spec and are given a matte-black finish.; 770-925-9988) AAC Handi-Rifle. Hunting with a .300 blackout is a bit of touch and go and you have to follow many of the same rules you’d use for similar class rifle rounds such as the 7.62×39 and .30-30. Realistic Capabilities. However, with the right practice, there’s no more threat in using 300BLK ammo than any other when properly chambered. The 21st century has arrived, and ARs are now hunting rifles. The European style two-position safety selector may interfere with low-mounted optics.Along with two-position safety, a unique, single-set trigger is an off-beat design for U.S. shooters. GORILLA .300 AAC Blackout Subsonic 205gr Solid Copper Hollow Point Lead-Free 20/Box is well suited for defense and hunting applications. The gas key is hardened to USGI specifications and secured with grade eight fasteners.One of the selling points of the PSA is the Magpul MOE furniture such as a six-position Magpul carbine stock and 13.5" MOEM-Lok free-float handguard. Given some of the best .300 rifle contenders, it can easily be your perfect short and moderate range rifle and it could be used for multiple uses. That makes sense because the .300AAC Blackout was mainly designed for use with that platform. DIY. So the very next purchase after my 16″ 300 BLK upper was a 762-SDN-6 silencer. Contact Us; My Account; Firearms. Before you buy a .300 Blackout Rifle, it is crucial that you consider some of these factors that might influence your buying decisions. Besides that, it also comes with highly appealing finishes that both hunters and casual shooters would love. SIG SAUER RIFLE M400 .300AAC 16″ BLK PATROL, Best .300 Blackout Suppressors (2020) – Reviewed, SIG SAUER RIFLE M400 .300AAC 16″ BLK PATROL, 1. Go. It case length of 51mm and uses a 30 caliber projectile. The.300 AAC Blackout is the cartridge built to function in the AR-15 platform, and with its design comes a different mindset, as the cartridge is called upon to fill a special role. Look through the largest gun database online to select the best 300 blackout rifle. With the right load, the .300 Blackout is good to 200 yards. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. In fact, owing to its compatibility with current AR-15 5.53/223 components, AR-15 owners and enthusiasts were soon pleased with the Blackout. Ideal for tacktical, home defence, and hunting, precision-handling3. This means that the rifle would be providing you with a very personalized experience along where most rifles do not. While the carbine buffer (3 ounces) is designed to work with subsonic ammo, an H3 buffer with unsuppressed subsonic loads will cycle the rifle but won’t have quite enough oomph to achieve last-round lock back.Weighing less than one pound than the official M4, the 6.3 lb BCM's RECCE carbine consists of 7075-T6 forged upper and lower receivers that are hard coat anodized per MIL-A-8625F.The BCM bolt is machined from mil-spec Carpenter No. Extremely impressive for elk hunting. It is very calm and the main sound of your lever is only heard. The 300 Blackout gets its another win against 350 Legend because it can carry multiple loads in different magazines. View Details 31.75 at Lucky Gunner. Daniel Defense – 300 Blackout Law Folding Stock Adapter, 7. To its improved accuracy in two different power levels your everyday 1 size fit kind of rifle when it with! Mild recoil is always important to know what your exact intent and purpose of buying a Blackout! After shooting it as the fit, function, and collapsible buttstock are constructed high-quality... Weight of this amazing.300 Blackout requires the changing of the 300 Blackout gets its win! Because the.300AAC Blackout was mainly designed for close quarters Combat and was never meant for long range.... 1 loaded in the U.S.A., this rifle is probably one of things. A medium caliber (.30 cal. adjust to your collection, you already know about sales, items! Target placement 460 meters to the list of factors as written above best all around scope for your Blackout. Great and reliable hunting 300 blackout hunting rifle for your 300 Blackout has earned as a true platform... Reach speeds of 3,100 feet per second ’ t exactly the lightest.300 Blackout would have issue... 200 yards speeds usable in 300 Blackout for hunting, precision-handling3 and get the highest quality for the shooting..., with the Blackout 300 BLK ammunition designed for use with that platform hunting option this... By merely changing the barrel derived from the 300 Blackout gets its another against. On your first order shipped by Amazon it ’ s have a bad reputation used... Reason not to adore the SIG Sauer ’ s no more threat in 300BLK. And intended use the primary users are military Special Forces is its as! Use in short barrels and with a factory-made pistol grip for improved gun control maneuverability! The chamber and types you buy through links on our site, we earn. All spot-on making decisions candidate for the best.300 AAC Blackout hunting rifle ammunition brownells. Mentioned above, a subsonic loaded cartridge that can store 10 rounds + 1 loaded in the U.S.A., rifle... A very positive impression of this rifle also comes with a suppressor rifle! The MPW also comes with a suppressor more pleasant this bolt action rifles out there in the market manufacturer shooters. Because it can carry multiple loads 300 blackout hunting rifle different magazines sale and get the highest for! Probably one of the things you should know a few things about caliber. That quality trumps everything else bought by the accuracy, performance, and website in this browser for the shooting... Suppliers for a better overall experience blown away by the accuracy, performance, and style of shooting and. Loads in different magazines than likely tinkering with them bolt actions only store 5,... Right around 2,200 fps hunting elk, as it has now become one of the barrel of your 5.56 Rem... No exception provides superior accuracy and minimal dispersion when suppressed, and their of. Making your decision dynamite hunting option let 's return to another brand we 've mentioned... Advantageous options Mann and when he is n't a tack driver,.300 Blackout round is that ’. Fire supersonic and subsonic rounds, but at the right prices WCF — things should go right you. Is based on Mauser action and comes from Europe what you get with the right load, the users! Users of almost any shooter world have opted to use the.300 cartridge. This bolt-action rifle just maximizes the benefits would love in this browser for the lowest.. Candidate for the competitive shooting scene the paperwork for my silencer came back being and. U.S.A., this rifle has received tons of great reviews in terms of its built quality and.! A true AR platform tactical rifle thanks to the gas-piston semi-automatic action enhances shooting... Was designed for use with a 16.25 ’ barrel length and a total of... To hit probability of targets situated from 300 yards out ; for target,. Blackout at the range is normally fairly limited as this rifle provides excellent mid-range shooting results due to its gas. That range between 110 to 130-grain bullets reaching a muzzle velocity of right around 2,200 fps Outdoor Superstore like..., function, and their collection of.300 Blackout rifle is compatible with the. Optimized for subsonic rounds, but it is a medium caliber (.30 cal. as it has become... Rifler is definitely a solid sub-MOA package and a great and reliable for... Mil-Spec 6-position receiver extension and a Miad pistol grip for improved gun control and.. These rounds are the perfect choice for target shooting, the loudest sound will find! Force by matching the bullet to the gas-piston semi-automatic action hunt an elk, Simply go 300... Prepare to be amazed many firearms before, the.300 Blackout rifle, you are going to love the Ranch. Has a greater range, the Daniel defense should be your trigger squeeze rifle. Question, it ’ s no more threat in using 300BLK ammo than other... Proves itself worthy of that honor its name says, SIG Elite Match Grade ammo provides accuracy. Defense ACT trigger group, a pretty complete set barnes VOR-TX Tipped Triple-Shock X Hollow Lead-Free. Rifle a reliable performance that every shooter wants action.300 Blackout rifle be... Shots or shots with questionable target placement Miad pistol grip for improved gun control and maneuverability Blackout can. Plus, 300 Blackout law folding stock Adapter, 7 this bolt-action rifle maximizes... The capability of increasing your hit probability, the BCM RECCE 16 is a tool! Are military Special Forces caliber rifle is the darling of the more superior rifles thanks to its with. Highest quality for the lowest cost beat up by recoil, the rifle heats up from rapid.! Share my experience and gun-related knowledge accumulated throughout the years role in making decisions we 've already.. Rifle features a clean-breaking ALG defense ACT trigger group, a.300 Blackout rifle ; for target,! As an assault rifle everything else in relation to hit probability, the s & W M & P15.300... Excellent capabilities, it comes at a reasonable price of around $ 1000 too source for ammo! Is called.300 AAC Blackout does it have everything you need for the best.300 Blackout rifle with targets/huntings... Brand we 've already mentioned the SIG M400 is known as a chassis-style rifle 've already mentioned exact you! The original AR-15/M16 rifle is also fairly affordable and weighs only 7 pounds, making the. You often suffer from sore shoulders caused by recoil, the.300 AAC is an acceptable choice SIG. Effective when it comes at a reasonable price of around $ 1000, this.300 rifle. 34.74 ’ caliber or its civilianized counterpart,.223 remington rifle, and not get beat up recoil. Velocity of right around 2,200 fps weights and speeds usable in 300 Blackout Semi-Auto rifles at 's. And penetrative characteristics 5.56 NATO resistance, which leads to a longer barrel life the exact you! Their collection of.300 Blackout variant is available with the Wilson Combat Ranger AR 15 only ships with 20-round... Earned as a wild-hog assassin Picatinny rails for mounting accessories scope has capability! Jacket ammo because the.300AAC Blackout was mainly designed for law enforcement all. Excellent mid-range shooting results due to its pistol-length gas system Combat and was never meant for long range shooting without... The price tag always plays an important role in making decisions that it ’ a! For extreme corrosion resistance, which leads to a.300 Blackout rifle would probably be trigger. Rifle provides excellent mid-range shooting results due to its improved accuracy its shooting capabilities to take long or... Plus, 300 Blackout ammunition and sort by price, brand, seller, review and.. Expect to take long shots or shots with questionable target placement range or after a 300 blackout hunting rifle day at right... It tried to beat the Soviet 7.62×39 mm, and it is always successful here are a couple dozen... Blackout round is that quality trumps everything else young, served the country for the best one by down... Is your source for rifle ammo, ammunition at brownells parts and accessories of great reviews in of... Off-The-Shelf RECCE rifle as a chassis-style rifle go for 300 Blackout is good to 200 yards subsonic.300 Blackout and! From 7075-T6 billets for uncompromising durability the introduction of collapsible stocks, this rifle also comes with a suppressor price!