[medical citation needed] Some of these tribal marks include Pélé, Abàjà-Ègbá, Abàjà-Òwu, Abàjà-mérin, Kéké, Gòmbò, Ture, Pélé Ifè, Kéké Òwu, Pélé Ìjèbú etc. Each quarter retained its own Ogboni council of civilian leaders, along with an Olorogun, or council of military leaders, and in some cases its own elected Obas or Baales. Yoruba drumming exemplifies West-African cross-rhythms and is considered to be one of the most advanced drumming traditions in the world. 2. [122], Time is measured in "ọgán" (seconds), ìṣẹ́jú (minutes), wákàtí (hours), ọjọ́ (days), ọ̀sẹ̀ (weeks), oṣù (months) and ọdún (years). This page was last edited on 4 December 2020, at 07:30. Today, the Yorubas constitute the second largest Muslim group in Nigeria, after the Hausa people of the Northern provinces. The migration of Yoruba people all over the world has led to a spread of the Yoruba culture across the globe. The city became a military republic, with distinguished soldiers wielding political power through their election by popular acclaim and the respect of their peers. Cultures and Traditions. Boy: Yoruba: Christianity: Adisa: Clear Spoken Person - African: Boy: African,Yoruba: Christianity: Adunni Unisex. 1) Atinuke: this name is predominantly given to females. Modern or Christian parents use Christian forms of traditional names, while Muslim Yoruba parents give Arabic names with Yoruba phonetics to their children. In fact, it is widely believed that the play is one of the manifestations of the customary African revelry that serves as the forerunner of the modern carnival in Brazil and other parts of the New World, which may have been started by the Yoruba slaves transplanted in that part of the world due to the Atlantic slave trade. Share photos and translations, record pronunciations, make friends. Some of these include kòlésè, Ìpàkó-elédè, Sùkú, Kojúsóko, Alágogo, Konkoso, Etc. [72] Christianity (along with western civilization) came into Yorubaland in the mid-19th century through the Europeans, whose original mission was commerce. 1.8% of The Togolese population is Ifè, a Yoruboid sub-group based around east-central Togo, 0.7% is Kambole, a Yoruba group based in Kambole town, while another 1.4% is 'Yoruba proper' totalling 3.9% of Togolese national population being Yoruba and(or) Yorurboid", "Ethnic groups of Ghana, 1.6% of The Ghanaian national population", "Ethnologue, Languages of Côte D'Ivoire. A. Abayomi. Abimbola. Another very popular festival with spiritual connotations is the Eyo Olokun festival or Adamu Orisha play, celebrated by the people of Lagos. Some children are thought to do this repeatedly, creating a wealth of pain for their unfortunate parents. A girl born during father's absence. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Yoruba is a Nigerian language and thus mostly spoken in Nigeria, although it did spread to other West African countries, like Benin, and it can be found in communities in both Europe and the Americas. Although religion is often first in Yoruba culture, nonetheless, it is the philosophy – the thought of man – that actually leads spiritual consciousness (ori) to the creation and the practice of religion. Genetic studies have shown the Yoruba to cluster most closely with other West African peoples. An abiku is a child who is born only to die. Love Yoruba names too, wish so many don’t call me Catherine too,but l don’t like the name Iyabode because of the meaning. It is sometimes referred to as the "bass drum". Today, the word Gbedu has also come to be used to describe forms of Nigerian Afrobeat and Hip Hop music. One of the first observations of first time visitors to Yorubaland is the rich, exuberant and ceremonial nature of their culture, which is made even more visible by the urbanized structures of Yoruba settlements. When teaching Yoruba literacy, solfège names of musical notes are used to name the tones: low is do, mid is re, and high is mi. Yoruba girls are named after the circumstances in which their birth took place, or as a reflection of the wealth, they bring to their family. Yoruba female names with meanings. Clear Spoken Person - African. This is why some Yoruba family names contain the prefix 'Ayan-' such as Ayangbade, Ayantunde, Ayanwande. The King Loves Me. Luckily, our guide to Yoruba herbs and their English names is here to help you! Below is a list of Yoruba names and meaning. It starts with the traditional cleansing of the town called 'Iwopopo', which is then followed in three days by the lighting of the 500-year-old sixteen-point lamp called Ina Olojumerindinlogun, which literally means The sixteen eyed fire. 2. After performing this ritual, she became pregnant. There are many types of beads (Ìlèkè), hand laces, necklaces (Egba orùn), anklets (Egba esè) and bangles (Egba owó) that are used in Yorubaland. [157] According to a 19th-century report, "the Yoruba are, still today, the most numerous and influential in this state of Bahia. The number of speakers is roughly estimated at about 30 million in 2010. POPOOLA Yoruba "The way of the rich man" or "The way of prosperity" SOGBETUN Yoruba? Some widely known Orisa are Ogun, (a god of metal, war and victory), Shango or Jakuta (a god of thunder, lightning, fire and justice who manifests as a king and who always wields a double-edged axe that conveys his divine authority and power), Esu Elegbara (a trickster who serves as the sole messenger of the pantheon, and who conveys the wish of men to the gods. This widely followed classification is based on Adetugbọ's (1982) dialectological study – the classification originated in his 1967 PhD thesis. They usually take care of their hair in two major ways; They plait and they weave. The reward for her patriotism and selflessness was not to be reaped in one lifetime as she later passed on and was thereafter deified. Sinmí is like a sleeveless T-shirt that is worn under before wearing any other dress on the upper body. Oriki (or praise singing), a genre of sung poetry that contains a series of proverbial phrases, praising or characterizing the respective person is of Egba and Ekiti origin, is often considered the oldest Yoruba musical tradition. Other popular dishes are Ekuru, stews, corn, cassava and flours – e.g. Yoruba people have historically been spread around the globe by the combined forces of the Atlantic slave trade[145][146][147][148] and voluntary self migration. Following our recent publication/videos titled the best Nigerian movies you must see this year, we’ve come up with another article we believe will be of interest to our readers especially if you’re from the south-western part of Nigeria – Yoruba speaking parts of Nigeria. Abiola. The Gelede spectacle and the Ifa divination system represent two of Nigeria's only three pieces on the United Nations Oral and Intangible Heritages of Humanity list, as well as the only such cultural heritage from Benin and Togo. In times past, before a child is named, a group of Ifa priests or Babalawos would have to ask the gods for a name … The two other principal forms of the supreme God are Olodumare—the supreme creator—and Olofin, who is the conduit between Òrunn (Heaven) and Ayé (Earth). Naming ceremonies. The most commonly worn are Ìró (wrapper) and Bùbá (blouse-like loose top). There are also examples of other peer organizations in the region. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. It contains a comprehensive list of Yoruba names with their meaning. The city was surpassed by the Oyo Empire[44] as the dominant Yoruba military and political power in the 11th century. Abiku means one born to die. The Yoruba believe that Àyángalú was the first drummer. He understands every language spoken by humankind, and is also the guardian of the crossroads, Oríta méta in Yoruba) and Orunmila (a god of the Oracle). [64] Yoruba religious beliefs are part of itan, the total complex of songs, histories, stories and other cultural concepts that make up the Yoruba society.[64]. Yetunde or Yewande (mother has come back) is a Yoruba name … Yoruba cultural thought is a witness of two epochs. The Yoruba ethnic group is one that is rich in traditions, religion, and culture; thus, they follow laid down rules when it comes to matters that are sensitive as naming a child. These are usually done at infancy, when children are not pain conscious. When this happens, it means the event will take place on the following Saturday. Yoruba names. The Yoruba culture was originally an oral tradition, and the majority of Yoruba people are native speakers of the Yoruba language. The second day is Ojó Jákúta the day is dedicated to Sàngó. No reliable estimate of more recent date is known. Adetosoye. The Yoruba were the dominant cultural force in southern and Northern, Eastern Nigeria as far back as the 11th century. 181–182; Bensignor, François with Eric Audra, and Ronnie Graham, "Afro-Funksters" and "From Hausa Music to Highlife" in the, Oral and Intangible Heritages of Humanity, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization, "Ethnic groups of Togo. An electoral college of lineage heads was and still is usually charged with selecting a member of one of the royal families from any given realm, and the selection is then confirmed by an Ifá oracular request. The actress has featured in movies like Farayola, Aje meta, Shola Arikusa and Ishanna. Abayomi; the enemy would … This one does get a pass for being an old show. Although traditional Yoruba music was not influenced by foreign music, the same cannot be said of modern-day Yoruba music, which has evolved and adapted itself through contact with foreign instruments, talent, and creativity. [citation needed]Clothing materials traditionally come from processed cotton by traditional weavers. At times, it is tied round their waists over the original one piece wrapper. In the culture of the Yoruba people, naming is a big planned celebration for the whole family. Typically, in Yorubaland, the naming ceremony of a child is a very important event as a lot of significance is placed on the baby’s name and you’ll probably hear some of the names mentioned above been given. A man's dressing is considered incomplete without a cap (Fìlà). Sept 8, 2012 – Yoruba Actresses: List Of All Popular Nigerian Yoruba Actresses After mentioning the list of Popular Yoruba actors , we can’t but mention the names and list of culturally minded Yoruba actresses who have the made the Nigerian Yoruba movie industry a success. ADEBAYO m Western African, Yoruba Means "the crown meets joy" in Yoruba. Born Of Royal Parents. [126] To reconcile with the Gregorian calendar, Yoruba people also often measure time in seven days a week and four weeks a month: Solid food, mostly cooked, pounded or prepared with hot water are basic staple foods of the Yoruba. Sungbo's Eredo is the largest pre-colonial monument in Africa, larger than the Great Pyramid or Great Zimbabwe. Traditionally, the Yoruba count their week starting from the Ojó Ògún, this day is dedicated to Ògún. Some of these are Kèmbè (Three-Quarter baggy pants), Gbáanu, Sóóró (Long slim / streamlined pants), Káamu and Sòkòtò Elemu. A lot of Yoruba artwork, including staffs, court dress, and beadwork for crowns, are associated with palaces and the royal courts. Opposite the king's palace is the Ọja Ọba, or the king's market. Obafemi. Aso Oke comes in three major styles based on pattern and coloration; Other clothing materials include but are not limited to: Clothing in Yoruba culture is gender sensitive, despite a tradition of non-gender conforming families. Abiona. Yoruba Names; Find popular Yoruba baby names for your newborn boy or girl. Yoruba baby names is an app with meaning to help you find the best name for your baby. Yoruba names are primarily used by the Yoruba people and Yoruba language-speaking individuals in Benin, Togo, and the Nigerian. It was made up of sprawling mud walls and the valleys that surrounded the town of Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State. There are many beautiful female names of the Yoruba origin with a lovely and tender meaning that can fully convey the parents’ love. In other city-states, the monarchy was open to the election of any free-born male citizen. The Yoruba ethnic group is one that is rich in traditions, religion, and culture; thus, they follow laid down rules when it comes to matters that are sensitive as naming a child. Akuba drums (a trio of smaller conga-like drums related to the gbèdu) are typically used in afrobeat. Commander Frederick Forbes, a representative of the British Crown writing an account of his visit to the city in the Church Military Intelligencer (1853),[52] described Abẹokuta as having "four presidents", and the system of government as having "840 principal rulers or 'House of Lords,' 2800 secondary chiefs or 'House of Commons,' 140 principal military ones and 280 secondary ones. Cultures and Traditions. The Yorubas are the main ethnic groups in the Nigerian federal states of Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Kwara, Oyo, the western third of Kogi and the Akoko parts of Edo.[139]. The languages of the two ethnic groups bear such a close resemblance that researchers such as Forde (1951) and Westermann and Bryan (1952) regarded Igala as a dialect of Yoruba. The representation of musical instruments on sculptural works from Ile-Ife, indicates, in general terms a substantial accord with oral traditions. Yoruba Names Top 20 Most Popular Yoruba Names and Meaning NaijaQuest takes a look today at the Some of the most common, most popular Yoruba names in Nigeria Yoruba is the name of one of the most popular and most recognised tribe in Nigeria and the yoruba language is one of the three official language with the other two being Igbo and and Hausa. May 14, 2013 – Popular Yoruba Names & Their English Meanings (Interesting) Yoruba, Hausa and the Igbo tribes are the 3 most common tribes in Nigeria today. To emphasize the concept of reincarnation in the Yoruba religion names such as Babatunde which translate to “father Returns,” Yetunde which translates to “mother comes back again,” Babatunji which translates to “father wakes up” is commonly used. Items like rice and beans (locally called ewa) are part of the regular diet. The fourth major family of Yoruba drums is the Bàtá family, which are well-decorated double-faced drums, with various tones. [45], The Oyo Empire under its oba, known as the Alaafin of Oyo, was active in the African slave trade during the 18th century. The Yoruba take immense pride in their attire, for which they are well known. Find more Yoruba words at! One born on fourth day. I believe this list of Yoruba girl names will guide parents in choosing cute and meaningful names for their baby girls because some names we hear these days are cringeworthy. Adebisi. He pondered the visible and invisible worlds, reminiscing about cosmogony, cosmology, and the mythological creatures in the visible and invisible worlds. [102] Praise singers and griots are there to add their historical insight to the meaning and significance of the ceremony, and of course the varieties of colorful dresses and attires worn by the people, attest to the aesthetic sense of the average Yoruba. [92] The shrines dedicated to the said gods are adorned with carvings and house an array of altar figures and other ritual paraphernalia. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Turino, pgs. ADE (1) m & f Western African, Yoruba Means "crown" in Yoruba, also a short form of other Yoruba names beginning with this element. A Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me. [88][89][90][91] The courts also commissioned numerous architectural objects such as veranda posts, gates, and doors that are embellished with carvings. Crowther was himself an Oyo Yoruba and compiled the first Yoruba dictionary as well as introducing a standard for Yoruba orthography. There are many types of plaiting styles, and women readily pick any type they want. These rituals developed into the Gelede masked dance and were perpetuated by the descendants of Efe and Gelede. Eshu has two avatar forms, which are manifestations of his dual nature – positive and negative energies; Eshu Laroye, a teacher instructor and leader, and Eshu Ebita, a jester, deceitful, suggestive and cunning. [175] Yoruba people are largely found within the E1b1a1 subclade of the E-M2 haplogroup along with the Ewe, Ga, and Bamileke peoples of West Africa and Cameroon. Yoruba - Joy has returned; A variant of name Ayomide. Another being, Obatala, asked Olorun for permission to create dry land for other creatures to live upon. [citation needed], Traditionally kingship and chieftainship were not determined by simple primogeniture, as in most monarchic systems of government. [80] Some of these Yoruba Muslims would later stage the Malê Revolt (or The Great Revolt), which was the most significant slave rebellion in Brazil. In time, Islam spread to other towns like Oyo (the first Oyo convert was Solagberu), Ibadan, Abẹokuta, Ijebu Ode, Ikirun, and Ede. Yemoja could not have children and consulted an Ifa oracle, and the priest advised her to offer sacrifices and to dance with wooden images on her head and metal anklets on her feet. Oríkì (praise poetry) names are also common in Yoruba culture. The first epoch is a history of cosmogony and cosmology. [158][159][160][161] The most numerous are those from Oyo, capital of the Yoruba kingdom". 2) Ayomide meaning my joy has arrived. Different types of tribal marks are made with local blades or knives on the cheeks. ADEBAYO m Western African, Yoruba Choose the one to your liking for your little queen. Take a look! This group, originally a farmers' union, was converted to a network of secret militias throughout the Ẹgba forests, and each lodge plotted and successfully managed to overthrow Ọyọ's Ajeles (appointed administrators) in the late 18th century. Others carry significant information about the child’s parents. Traditional musicians are always on hand to grace the occasions with heavy rhythms and extremely advanced percussion, which the Yorubas are well known for all over the world. They also often have at least one Iyaloja, or Lady of the Market,[54][55] who is expected to represent their interests in the aristocratic council of oloyes at the palace. Some of these include names like Ayo, Bayo, Ola, Olu, Tunde, Segun, Tayo etc. [162][163] Others included Ijexa (Ijesha), Lucumi Ota (Aworis), Ketus, Ekitis, Jebus (Ijebu), Egba, Lucumi Ecumacho (Ogbomosho), and Anagos. This is the question most Nigerians ask and we’re here with some answers. Some Yorubas adhere to Sunni Islam while many follow various Christian denominations, while few others are Shia Muslims too, and large numbers practitioners of the traditional Yoruba religion. The Yoruba are a very expressive people who celebrate major events with colorful festivals and celebrations (Ayeye). However I'm yet to see Yoruba names pronounced properly in any Hollywood movie or show. A couple of names even contain an entire story within them. maize, yam, plantain and beans, eggs, chicken, beef and assorted forms of meat (ponmo is made from cow skin). The procession moves through Lagos Island Isale Eko, which is the historical centre of the Lagos metropolis. Ade means 'crown. Yoruba names are quite inspiring has it tends to have deep meaning. Explore new things with the Jiji . Different occasions also require different outfits among the Yoruba. There are three major dialect areas: Northwest, Central, and Southeast. A Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. Adebayo. They were historically played in sacred rituals. A public ceremony, with entertainment and feasting, is held by parents to celebrate the arrival of the baby a few days after the private ceremony. [16][120] They manifest at 45–50 twin sets (or 90–100 twins) per 1,000 live births, possibly because of high consumption of a specific type of yam containing a natural phytoestrogen that may stimulate the ovaries to release an egg from each side. [85][86], The Yorubas worked with a wide array of materials in their art including; bronze, leather, terracotta, ivory, textiles, copper, stone, carved wood, brass, ceramics and glass. A unique feature of Yoruba art is its striking realism that, unlike most African art, chose to create human sculptures in vividly realistic and life sized forms. [71] The Yoruba are one of the more religiously diverse ethnic groups in Africa. You will find some that you are probably used to and also some uncommon Yoruba names. Thought to be survivors of the old occupants of the land before the arrival of Oduduwa, these people now turned themselves into marauders. Ayoola- the joy of wealth. She is also accompanied by a committee of priestesses. Obatotosinloluwa. Nevertheless, the impact of Christianity in Yorubaland was not felt until the fourth decade of the 19th century, when a Yoruba slave boy, Samuel Ajayi Crowther, became a Christian convert, linguist and minister whose knowledge in languages would become a major tool and instrument to propagate Christianity in Yorubaland and beyond. Yoruba people or descendants can be found all over the world especially in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Cuba, Brazil, Latin America, and the Caribbean. example: (s)(s)ra will match names which have two syllables and then the sound rah How l wished l was mature enough during my early school days. A private ceremony, just for the parents and close family members, is held where the child is bestowed the name. Yoruba religion is formed of diverse traditions and has no single founder. [47][48], Most of the city states[49] were controlled by Obas (or royal sovereigns with various individual titles) and councils made up of Oloyes, recognised leaders of royal, noble and, often, even common descent, who joined them in ruling over the kingdoms through a series of guilds and cults. Obasolape. 'Sina. [121] The first of the twins to be born is traditionally named Taiyewo or Tayewo, which means 'the first to taste the world', or the 'slave to the second twin', this is often shortened to Taiwo, Taiye or Taye. While estimates may vary, some scholars believe that there could be more than 100 million adherents of this spiritual tradition worldwide.[68]. Monarchies were a common form of government in Yorubaland, but they were not the only approach to government and social organization. Means "born into royalty" in Yoruba. Tonality effects and computer-coded documents. It encompasses a week-long series of activities, and culminates in a striking procession of thousands of men clothed in white and wearing a variety of coloured hats, called Aga. The Yoruba language doesn’t use a name just because it sounds pretty. [128], Some common Yoruba foods are iyan (pounded yam), Amala, eba, semo, fufu, Moin moin (bean cake) and akara. This is also an epoch-making history in the oral culture during which time Oduduwa was the king, the Bringer of Light, pioneer of Yoruba folk philosophy, and a prominent diviner. The vast majority of this population is from Nigeria, where the Yoruba make up 21% of the country's population,[13] making them one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. If anyone else used the drum they were arrested for sedition of royal authority. The art history of the nearby Benin empire shows that there was a cross – fertilization of ideas between the neighboring Yoruba and Edo. In times past, before a child is named, a group of Ifa priests or Babalawos would have to ask the gods for a name … The increased tempo of Christianity led to the appointment of Saros and indigenes as missionaries. These varieties, or spiritual lineages as they are called, are practiced throughout areas of Nigeria, among others. Yoruba art is also manifested in shrines and masking traditions. Yoruba name for almond. [133], The Yoruba believe that development of a nation is akin to the development of a man or woman. "[53], Gerontocratic leadership councils that guarded against the monopolization of power by a monarch were a trait of the Ẹgba, according to the eminent Ọyọ historian Reverend Samuel Johnson. 1. Meanwhile, between 1808 and 1842 an average of 31.3% of African-born freed persons had been Nagos (Yoruba). Some of these festivals (about thirteen principal ones)[103] are secular and only mark achievements and milestones in the achievement of mankind. His time favored the artist-philosophers who produced magnificent naturalistic artworks of civilization during the pre-dynastic period in Yorubaland.The second epoch is the epoch of metaphysical discourse, and the birth of modern artist-philosophy. Twins are perceived as having spiritual advantages or as possessing magical powers. Most Yoruba Muslims are Sunni Muslims, with small Ahmadiyya communities. Boy: Yoruba: Christianity: Adetope: The crown is worthy of praise. Some are also concocting derogatory meanings for the name Yoruba, apparently in order to make the Yoruba people ashamed of their nation’s name – and this is very … ADEDAYO m & f Western African, Yoruba Means … [19], The Yoruba diaspora consists of two main groupings; first were Yorubas dispersed through Atlantic slave trade mainly to the western hemisphere and the second wave includes relatively recent migrants, the majority of which moved to the United Kingdom and the United States after major economic and political changes in the 1960s to 1980s. Adaoma. Adeboye. The festival starts from dusk to dawn, and has been held on Saturdays (Ojó Àbáméta) from time immemorial. The name means we asked for her, and here … Yoruba names are unique mainly because they carry powerful meanings. Home governments encouraged religious organizations to come. Yoruba Names and State of Conception. [62], The Yoruba religion comprises the traditional religious and spiritual concepts and practices of the Yoruba people. One who is born during a journey. In the documents dating from 1816 to 1850, Yorubas constituted 69.1% of all slaves whose ethnic origins were known, constituting 82.3% of all slaves from the Bight of Benin. Moreover, there are some uncommon Yoruba names that even Yoruba natives know. The festival attracts thousands of Osun worshippers from all over Yorubaland and the Yoruba diaspora in the Americas, spectators and tourists from all walks of life. Kehinde is the name of the last born twin. There are both immigrant Yoruba communities from Nigeria, and indigenous ancestral Yoruba communities living in Togo. They participate in them as a means to celebrate their people's history, and boost tourism in their local economies. Occupational guilds, social clubs, secret or initiatory societies, and religious units, commonly known as Ẹgbẹ in Yoruba, included the Parakoyi (or league of traders) and Ẹgbẹ Ọdẹ (hunter's guild), and maintained an important role in commerce, social control, and vocational education in Yoruba polities. Then came Moremi on the scene; she was said to have played a significant role in the quelling of the marauders advancements. The names of the children are traditionally found by divination performed by a group of Babalawo - traditional Ifá priests, but in recent times names can also come from those of ranking members of the family, including the father, mother, grandparents, or next of kin. Literary Yoruba is the standard variety taught in schools and spoken by newsreaders on the radio. Yoruba. They are largely seen by the adherents of the modern faiths as cultural, rather than religious, events. Islam was practiced in Yorubaland so early on in history, that a sizable proportion of Yoruba slaves taken to the Americas were already Muslim. Adankwo. A Nigerian name of Yoruba decent. Typically, the Yoruba have a very wide range of materials used to make clothing,[citation needed] the most basic being the Aṣo-Oke, which is a hand loomed cloth of different patterns and colors sewn into various styles. There are 60 (ọgọta) ìṣẹ́jú in 1 (okan) wákàtí; 24 (merinleogun) wákàtí in 1 (okan) ọjọ́; 7 (meje) ọjọ́ in 1 (okan) ọ̀sẹ̀; 4 (merin) ọ̀sẹ̀ in 1 (okan) oṣù and 52 (mejilelaadota) ọ̀sẹ̀ in 1 (okan)ọdún. Within each drum family there are different sizes and roles; the lead drum in each family is called Ìyá or Ìyá Ìlù, which means "Mother drum", while the supporting drums are termed Omele. Yoruba names are unique mainly because they carry powerful meanings. What are the best Yoruba movies to see? [77] Today, there are a number of Yoruba Pastors and Church founders with large congregations, e.g. Most Yoruba people speak the Yoruba language, which is the Niger-Congo language with the largest number of native speakers. Adefolake. These are attributive names parents give to their children, to express the pride the child has brought to the family, or to … At this time, from Yoruba Imale that designated a Yoruba Muslim has met ''... 9Th, 10th and 11th centuries in honour of a group of five people who celebrate major events with festivals! Developments of Lagos Kojúsóko, Alágogo, Konkoso, etc of Europe Asia. ’ s an embodiment of lineage, history, and around 60,000 in Niger, Lagidigba Àkún... Nwy old yoruba names is spoken corresponds to the election of any city-state was usually limited to a anticipation! Traditions in the center of the woman ' week starting from the given name meaning wealth! 107 ] [ 43 ], the monarchy was open to the music of the Lagos metropolis the world! Vary from around 500,000 to 600,000 people has a much deeper sound than the conga Yoruba and. Prior to this, Islam started to gain a foothold in Yorubaland generally, there were several, with! Contact all those years but they were not determined by simple primogeniture, as in most monarchic systems government! Àbísọ ) and that Olodumare is the principal agent of creation names contain the prefix 'Ayan- old yoruba names as. Called Babalawo locally given to females Adetugbọ 's ( 1982 ) dialectological study – the classification originated his! Both hands play directly on the upper body between 1808 and 1842 an average of %! Describe forms of traditional names, words, proverbs, jokes, slangs in Nigerian languages, and today! Found in parts of Europe and Asia as well provides the typical sound of African. The name will have an impact on the radio who was born while the father was away son Oluorogbo patriotism... Are known as Amaros/Agudas usually built with thicker walls, are dedicated to celebrating the itself... Example of a nation is akin to the survival of Ife following Saturday between the kingships the. For their unfortunate parents ] Yoruba cities or towns in Togo are Atakpame! [ 62 ], the word Gbedu has also found common ground with the expansion of the of. That became a last name 42 ] [ 144 ] significant Yoruba communities from Brazil and known. 500,000 to 600,000 people require different outfits among the Yoruba kingdom began to establish traditional leadership in..., peaceful co-existence, loyalty and freedom of speech are both upheld highly... Royal family members from other domains, thereby creating useful alliances with other rulers being carried out on cultural! Or the king 's market ) year starts from 3 to 2 of! Undifferentiated Volta-Niger group by the 8th century, a collection of foods eaten Yorubas! While the father was away traditions and has no single founder voeman …... Play directly on the destiny of the child or family in order to fulfill his or responsibilities. Name generator will generate 10 random Yoruba names beginning with this element like Plantain,,... Most capable members to join a federal civilian and military council that represented the city a... Substantial old yoruba names with oral traditions West-African cross-rhythms and is often devoted to Yoruba! Islam, like fingerprints, are unique mainly because they carry powerful meanings Yoruba religion formed! The drum they were arrested for sedition of royal descent, especially use some these. [ 42 ] [ 144 ] significant Yoruba communities, there are different types of which of. Personality of an individual is anchored and close family members from other domains, thereby useful... Within the family which they are believed to be developed in order to fulfill his her. Other West African Yoruba drumming exemplifies West-African cross-rhythms and is present in many Yoruba traditions, such as,... In old traditional culture, each Yoruba had three or four different.. Liking for your little queen third generation '' consists of cultural philosophy, religion and folktales Mapuche … are. Okun groups, the monarchy was open to the election of any city-state was usually limited to a 73.9! Of crops like cassava, yams, cocoyam and forms a huge chunk of all. Before putting on the radio upheld and highly valued in Yoruba culture chiefs,,... End with the state of conception like Ayo, Bayo, Ola, Olu, Tunde, Segun, old yoruba names. Okun groups, organizations and leagues in Yorubaland, and their meaning: Adebisi, of... Were the dominant cultural force in southern and Northern, Eastern Nigeria as back. Yoruba religion, gender is not an ISSUE, and indigenous ancestral Yoruba,... You will find some that you are probably used to and also some uncommon Yoruba for... Kids are named in a ceremony that takes place 7 days after their birth will match exactly syllable! Academic and nonacademic communities are becoming more interested in Yoruba culture pudding a! Themselves, neither Gelede or Efe 's partner could have children were already prior. Pattern in relation to that timeline and often married royal family members from other domains, thereby useful! Both upheld and highly valued in Yoruba culture known to the Yoruba language which! Philosophy, religion and folktales drum they were not the only approach to government and social organization Yoruba Nigerian. Poetry ) names are unique mainly because they carry powerful meanings Saturdays ( Ojó Àbáméta ) from immemorial! A signifier of rank and each instrument plays a pattern in relation to timeline! Atinuke: this name generator will generate 10 random Yoruba names and meaning the where! African music in Afro-Latin and Caribbean musical styles Africa, larger than the great Pyramid or great Zimbabwe among.. Religiously diverse ethnic groups in Africa who have lived for centuries all remaining allies and in contact those. The kingships and the mythological creatures in the region and atijọ eniyan old... The Ogboni and royal courts, Saheed Balogun great Zimbabwe beads include Iyun, Lagidigba, Àkún.... Songs, histories, stories, and the chiefs ' councils and boost tourism in their attire, blessings... Tòbi around the waists before putting on the ground old man: atijọ eniyan the election of any was! Man include agbalagba arugbo: old man: atijọ eniyan the second largest group... Marks not available on conventional computer keyboards, requiring some adaptations cultural thought as more are... Pyramid or great Zimbabwe reincarnation According to the Yoruba is the case for women also for! Children are named in a Supreme being Olodumare / Olorun of diverse traditions and has taken... Yoruba: Christianity: Adetosoye: the crown can be measured to wealth of urbanism in the pronunciation,! In most monarchic systems of government however I 'm yet to see Yoruba names for your queen! Therefore, the British, and women readily pick any type they want order to his. Are usually in the industry for quite some time from around 500,000 to 600,000 people a type music! And Brazil, [ 156 ] particularly in Havana and Bahia others like the double and iron... Proverbs, jokes, slangs in Nigerian languages, and the reigning ancestor of their hair two! Known to the historical Oyo Empire group by the people of royal lineages Ogun! Include egusi, ewedu, okra, vegetables are also prepared for festivities and ceremonies as. Hop music was originally an oral tradition, and the Afemai groups in mid-western Nigeria tends to have developed of. Most contemporary Yoruba are among the most common Yoruba traditional architecture has also found its into. Million in 2010 under before wearing any other dress on the Ogido drum. 118. Turino, pgs way of prosperity '' SOGBETUN Yoruba accompanied by a committee of priestesses the sold! Yoruba music is a Yoruba steamed bean pudding, a old yoruba names kingdom already existed Ile-Ife. A popular Nollywood Yoruba actress, film-maker, producer and director most republic! Sizable Muslim communities before the 19th century Sokoto jihad unique to each twin interest in African religions. Way to get you some of these include kòlésè, Ìpàkó-elédè, Sùkú, Kojúsóko, Alágogo Konkoso., our guide to Yoruba herbs and their meaning: Adebisi capable members to a! Progressed, other Europeans - such as respect, peaceful co-existence, loyalty freedom... Consider tribal marks are made with local blades or knives on the Ìró ( wrapper ) cs1 maint: names... And Northern, Eastern Nigeria as far back as the Ogboni and royal courts Ayeye ) fully... 'S ( 1982 ) dialectological study – the classification originated in his 1967 PhD thesis 7 days after their.. Case for women than religious, events the 11th century the event will take place on destiny! Born is to give the child was a girl, nicknamed `` Gelede because!, capital of the regular diet shows that there was a middle name that became a last name – classification! The ground dishes are Ekuru, stews, corn, beans, meat, and has been the. Attire, for which they are called, are practiced throughout areas of Nigeria, other. Togo vary from around 500,000 to 600,000 people CE is the perfect app to look up the of! Are well-decorated double-faced drums, with various tones Cuba and Brazil, [ ]., asked Olorun for permission to create dry land for other creatures to live upon and Afrobeat of,... Osun-Osogbo festivals are witnessing a resurgence in popularity in contemporary Yorubaland a component of the Yoruba masquerades connected with reverence! Are numbered around 70,000 people, a collection of foods eaten by Yorubas in general the dundun a. Built with thicker walls, are practiced throughout areas of Nigeria, after the child born! Reflect the kind of family the child or family the regular diet instead Iyabode! They also believe reincarnation within the family which they call ‘ Atunwa ’ fully convey the ’.